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Last Chance to Be Heard On Striped Bass - Here's How!

You are likely aware by now of the Emergency Action that the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission took on May 2nd to reduce the slot limit on striped bass to 28-31 inches. Their objective was to remove the relatively abundant 2015 year class (now +31 inches) from the slot as an effort to increase the spawning stock biomass needed to rebuild striper bass to target by 2029. This action was an “Emergency” due to years of half-hearted efforts, all of which fell short, putting striped bass on the road to recovery. And a string of disappointing spawning results. Needless to say, there is a lot riding on the 2015 year class.

 ASMFC has scheduled four meetings to discuss the Emergency Action.  The last one is next Wednesday. Attending the meeting next Wednesday and commenting that you support this action is critical.  Here is thelink to register for the hearing.  Be polite and let the commissioners know what state you are from.  

Saltwater Edge commented at the third meeting last Tuesday. Here is the script I created. Feel free to take it and tweak it to present your honest opinion.

Here is a guideline to make your comments short and effective. It’s perfectly fine to read from your script.

Thank you to the Commission for the opportunity to comment (or similar)

My Name is (you got this)

I live in the state of _____

You can help by inserting your opinion here. Explain why abundant striped bass is so important to you personally. This is what Commissioners want to hear from you/ the public. Speak from the heart but get to the point other folks are waiting to comment. I have found the script helpful in that regard.

Thank the Commission again for the opportunity to comment

You're done!

This is the last chance to get your voice heard, and Saltwater Edge encourages you to participate.

Wednesday, May 31
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Clickhere to register for the opportunity to make your voice heard. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

2 Responses

Charles Aversa

Charles Aversa

July 31, 2023

The striped bass should be declared a game fish with no commercial fishing allowed, and the slot should be kept at 28-31 for the next five years, unless spawns are worse, in which case there should be a moratorium on keeping any size striped bass 30” or over until spawns improve, the slot limit being set at 28-29 inches only.

Has there been any discussion of reducing the slot size to 19”-23” with nothing greater than 23” being kept? What effect would this have on the population?

Regardless of what is decided, I firmly believe that the commercial as well as the recreational fishermen should face restrictions to help conserve the striped bass. If draconian measures are needed so be it.

Kevin Howley

Kevin Howley

July 31, 2023

I’m 71 years-old, caught my first striped bass in 1960 and lived through the moratorium two decades later. I would rather not have to live through another, but, more importantly, I would hate to see the generations that follow me unable to enjoy the experiences I’ve had with this wonderful fish. That’s why I strongly encourage the removal of the 2015 year class Stripers form the slot, the Emergency Action and the Addendum 2. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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