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Gibbs Lures

Gibbs Lures

Gibbs Lures are a hand-crafted wooden classic - handmade in the USA and catching fish since 1945.
  • Gibbs Pro Series Pencil Poppers
    from $19.49

    Gibbs Pro Series Pencil Poppers

    The Gibbs Pro Series Pencil Popper is a striper classic whose action can catch a whole lot more than just striped bass. Upgraded eyes and heavy-dut...

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  • Gibbs Needlefish

    Gibbs Needlefish

    The Gibbs Needlefish is one of our favorites in shallow, rocky haunts big bass love to dig around in at night. It doesn't sink as fast as most need...

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  • Gibbs Pro Series Canal Special

    Gibbs Pro Series Canal Special

    The Gibbs Pro Series Canal Special is optimized for faster moving waters and cross currents where big fish are prowling for big prey. The flattened...

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  • Gibbs Danny Surface Swimmer
    from $20.99

    Gibbs Danny Surface Swimmer

    The Gibbs Danny Surface Swimmer is a big bass lure and a surfcasting classic. Deadly in white water as well as when crawled through calmer waters. ...

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