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Website open and shipping 7 days a week! Our retail store is now open for walk-in, appointments, and curbside!
Website open and shipping 7 days a week! Our retail store is now open for walk-in, appointments, and curbside!

Anchovy Patterns

Fish eating anchovies can be notoriously picky, false albacore and bonito in particular. A good imitation can be critical for getting a bite when fish are keyed in on the these small baitfish.
  • $10.95

    Albie Whore

    The Albie Whore was invented by Long Island fly tier, Richard Reagan to fool fussy false albacore. This attractor pattern is not so much a pattern ...

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  • $6.99

    LI Flies Surf Candy Size 1

    Classic Surf Candy - realistic and durable. Do not fear the teeth!

  • Simple green and yellow albie fly

    LI Flies Inlet Candies

    Low profile small bait imitation on the sticky Mustad C70 hook. Tied on a Size 1 hook.

  • $5.99

    Bonito Bunny (White)

    Just your basic Bonito Bunny - always a good choice to have in your box when fishing for Bones and Albies. Tied on a strong 800S Tiemco #2 hook.  

  • Sold out

    Popovic's Fleye Bay Anchovy #2

    The Popovics Fleye series feature a method of tying utilizing the unique Fleye Foils that Bob developed that incorporate the lateral line, belly an...

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  • $5.99

    Bonito Bunny (White) (Weighted)

    A Bonito Bunny with a cone-head to increase the jigging action as you retrieve it through the water. Tied on a strong 800S Tiemco #2 hook.

  • $4.15

    Popovic's Surf Candy 1/0

    The Surf Candy's sits atop the pantheon of synthetic saltwater flies. Developed in the creative mind of Bob Popovics this slender baitfish pattern ...

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  • Sold out

    Guide Flies: Albie Clouser - Tan

    Sometimes we can't get the flies we fish from the big fly tying companies. In some cases the flies available from suppliers are overdressed. That m...

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  • $5.50

    Los Roques Minnow Size 2

    A simple but incredibly effective baitfish pattern. It will imitate silversides, anchovies and even small peanut bunker. Strip them quickly for Fal...

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  • $5.49

    Beech's Eye Candy

    Beech's Eye Candy is sometimes a solution for albies on "Snot Bait". Albies on really small bait are the toughest.

  • $6.99

    Skok's Whitebait Mushy

    A sparse and synthetic design with a lateral line. Great choice for when the various speedsters are on small bait.Shop Favorite