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Website open and shipping 7 days a week! Our retail store is now open for walk-in, appointments, and curbside!
Website open and shipping 7 days a week! Our retail store is now open for walk-in, appointments, and curbside!

Fly Tying Tools

  • Saltwater Edger Rotary Jig Vise
    Sold out

    Saltwater Edge Rotary Jig Vise

    3 reviews

    Designed from the bottom up specifically for tying bucktail jigs and larger saltwater flies. The main complaint with current fly vises is the inabi...

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  • $15.99

    Dr. Slick Ceramic Bobbin 4.75"

    This bobbin is a fantastic choice for saltwater flies. The ceramic insert prevents your thread from breaking and the length of the bobbin helps pre...

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  • $5.69

    Griffin Threaders

    Simplest way to thread your bobbin

  • $14.99

    Dr Slick All Purpose Scissors

    Good all around scissors. These large looped scissors are razor sharp and are good for all tying uses.

  • $14.99

    Dr. Slick Ceramic Bobbin 4"

    A quality bobbin is the most useful and crucial tool in a fly tyers arsenal. Look no further than Dr. Slick's Ceramic Bobbin with ceramic funnel in...

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  • $6.49

    Griffin Bodkin

    Just a simple, Made in the U.S.A. bodkin from Griffin.

  • $23.95

    Stonfo Elite 2 Saltwater Streamer Disc Drag Bobbin

    Italian craftsmanship in your fly tying bobbin! Ideal for larger, materials (floss, Chenille, etc.) this Stonfo bobbin's rugged design, large tube...

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  • $4.99

    Eco Tying Scissors

    Sharp, reliable tying scissors from Hareline Dubbin 

  • $18.99

    Loon Ergo Bobbin

    An ergonomic and high-performing update to the indispensable tying tool. The powder coated ergonomic handle rests perfectly between the thumb and f...

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  • $9.95

    Loon Ergo Bodkin

    The good 'ole bodkin, with an ergonomic grip. The indispensable bodkin gets an overdue ergonomic facelift. The strong needle is made from spring s...

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  • $4.95

    Extended Whip Finisher

    An extended version of the standard Hareline whip finisher. For tying bigger saltwater flies, tube flies or anything that requires additional reach...

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  • $12.95

    Loon Ergo Whip Finisher

    Loon's Ergo Whip Finisher features a powder coated ergonomic body. The base of the tool has been sharpened, so that finishing flies and clipping t...

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  • $11.49

    Deluxe Garbag

    Keep your fly tying station clean with this simple garbage container that easily attaches directly to your vice. 

  • $23.99

    Loon 5" Razor Scissors

    Appropriately named, Loon Razor Scissors are a razor sharp pair of scissors. One of the straight blades is serrated, and the other is non-serrated,...

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  • $15.95

    Loon Ergo All Purpose Scissors

    Loon Ergo All Purpose Scissors have an incredibly comfy ergonomic grip and stainless steel blades. An excellent choice for any fly tyer searching ...

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  • $13.95

    Dr. Slick Synthetics Scissors - 5"

    Dr. Slick Synthetics Scissors fly tying scissors designed specifically to cut your most durable synthetic tying materials. Comfortable grip and Dr...

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  • $9.99

    Loon Ergo Dubbing Brush

    The Ergo Dubbing Brush by Loon is the last dubbing brush you'll ever buy! Its ergonomic grip, long lasting stainless steel spine and nylon bristle...

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  • Sold out

    Griffin Vise Superior 2A C-Clamp

    Basic tying vise that accomodates larger hooks.

  • $12.99

    Loon Ergo Comb

    The solution to unruly materials at the vise or mangled streamers on the water. The ergonomic powder coated tool is easy to find and comfortable in...

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  • Sold out

    Renzetti Tool Caddy

    This soft foam caddy organizes tools, cements, and is ideal for all benches and desktop areas. This caddy is made of a soft neoprene to help preven...

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  • $1.99

    UTC Thread Wax

    UTC Thread wax is designed for all nylon fly tying threads. It is a special light formula that prevents fraying of the thread and helps add “bite” ...

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  • $9.49

    Large Aluminum Hair Stacker

    Excellent for utilizing large amounts of hair and other materials for meaty saltwater flies. 

  • $4.99

    Stonfo Roto Dubbing Twister

    Another useful tool from Stonfo, the Rotodubbing loop twister helps easily create tight,uniform dubbing loops. Whether used for dubbing bodies, col...

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