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The SWE Retail store is open! Web open 24/7, all orders before 3pm ship same day (excluding Sunday)
Retail is open! Web open 24/7, orders before 3pm ship same day.

Spinning Reels

Spinning reels continue advancing at an amazing rate - at all sizes they're stronger and lighter. The biggest models are capable of fighting fish that were once considered only catchable on big conventional reels.

Not sure where to begin with all these options? You can always start a chat with us.

We're available during business hours and sometimes afterhours as well. If we don't immediately respond, just leave your email and we'll be sure to follow up.

  • Save 8%

    Shimano Socorro SW Spinning Reels

    Original Price $129.99
    Current Price $119.99

    The latest generation of Shimano Socorro has moved up a step or two, taking over a price range where the Spheros used to be. Like its big and more ...

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    Original Price $129.99
    Current Price $119.99
    Save 8%