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Saltwater Edge Podcast - A Season in the Surf with Jerry Audet

Saltwater Edge Podcast - A Season in the Surf with Jerry Audet

Jerry Audet is a dedicated surf fisherman, who fishes both plugs and flies. He loves trying to unlock the secrets of an area or particular spot; he is far less concerned with reeling the fish in or the “fight”. As such, he has become particularly known for his in-depth discussions of fishing philosophy, structure analysis, and plug/fly presentation.

Jerry is a regular contributor to Surfcasters Journal, The Fisherman, and On the Water. Jerry also is an endurance athlete, holds a Ph.D. in Physiology and a BS in Biology, and is working to help conserve the striped bass for future generations. He resides in Worcester County, MA

Learn more about Jerry at  and @indeepoutdoors on Instagram and Facebook

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Al RIsorto - March 11, 2021

That was fantastic. I live on the western south shore of LI and do most of my fishing on the beaches and in the back close to home. No boulder fields to fish but a lot of the info was translatable and valuable . Thanks for doing this.

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