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Vertical, casting, fast, slow, retrieved - jigs are probably the most versatile lures you could put on the end of the line. Styles and ways to fish them are almost limitless.
  • Hogy Lures Epoxy Jigs
    from $7.99

    Hogy Lures Epoxy Jigs

    Hogy Lures Epoxy Jigs are an updated version of the very effective and discontinued Viva Parade Maria Jigs. Both the original and the Hogy are dea...

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  • Hogy Heavy Minnow Jig Pink
    from $6.99

    Hogy Heavy Minnow Jigs

    When the albies roll in it's often about the time the weather starts to shift and it isn't uncommon to have to deal with the wind when chasing them...

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  • MagicTail Tog Jigs
    from $2.69

    MagicTail Tog Jigs

    MagicTail Tog Jigs feature an all important strong and sharp hook to make sure the point goes home on big tog. Their shape is designed to get down ...

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  • Spro Prime Bucktail Jigs
    from $3.37

    Spro Prime Bucktail Jigs

    The Prime Bucktail Jig is not like any other jig on the market. The unique shape of the head and placement of the eyelet help bring this lure to li...

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  • Andrus Jetty Casters
    from $4.39

    Andrus Jetty Casters

    Andrus Jetty Casters get an extra shot of hair compared to their equivalent sized Rip Splitter to help hold them up in the water column. Great in a...

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  • Game On EXO Jigs
    from $7.99

    Game On EXO Jigs

    The Game On EXO Jig has a unique durable EXO-skeleton construction for a natural translucent look and provides optimal light refraction while addin...

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  • Andrus Rip Splitters
    from $3.79

    Andrus Rip Splitters

    Andrus Rip Splitters (aka Smilin' Bills) are built to get down. This jig will sink much faster due to less hair then it's far fluffier brother the ...

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  • Jecks Bucktails Jig - White
    from $4.49

    Jecks Bucktails Jig - White

    Jeck's Bucktails are at the top of their class when it comes to finish and durability. Tied on genuine Mustad hooks, the tail is built up in thin l...

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  • Hogy Peanut Bunker Jig
    from $9.95

    Hogy Peanut Bunker Jig

    Hogy's Peanut Bunker Jig is a perfect bait for throwing at false albacore, bonito, and many others. With weight options of 1 and 2 ounces it match...

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  • Mustad Elite Bullet Jig Head
    from $3.99

    Mustad Elite Bullet Jig Head

    The Mustad Elite Bullet Jig Head is just a jig head - except that eighteen months of development went into this one. Mustad uses a proprietary inje...

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  • Jecks Bucktails Daytime Special
    from $5.50

    Jecks Bucktails Daytime Special

    Jeck's Bucktails are at the top of their class when it comes to finish and durability. Tied on genuine Mustad hooks, the tail is built up in thin l...

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  • MagicTail Bullet Head Bucktails
    from $4.07

    MagicTail Bullet Head Bucktails

    Magictails Bullet Head Bucktails feature a streamlined profile to help the jig cut through the water quickly. The line tie is oriented at 60 degr...

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  • Deadly Dick Long Casting/Jigging Lure Green
    from $6.69

    Deadly Dick Long Casting/Jigging Lures

    Deadly Dick lures are made of solid brass, then nickel plated, giving them a shiny, bright finish. These are a staple for sight casting to Striped ...

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  • Shimano Coltsniper Jig
    from $7.99

    Shimano Coltsniper Jigs

    The Shimano Coltsniper Jig is a slim and flashy jig that creates an outstanding action under the water. The bullet aerodynamic design allows great ...

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  • TidalTails Original "Craggy" Blackfish Jigs
    from $3.49

    TidalTails Original "Craggy" Blackfish Jigs

    TidalTails Original "Craggy" Blackfish Jigs are designed for shallow to mid depth's, using light to medium heavy spinning gear with braided or mono...

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  • Point Jude Po-Jee Tins
    from $7.99

    Point Jude Po-Jee Tins

    The Point Jude Po-Jee is perfect when small thin profiled baitfish like silversides, sand eels, or anchovies are around. Both sizes work great for ...

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