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The SWE Retail store is open! Web open 24/7, all orders before 3pm ship same day (excluding Sunday)
Retail is open! Web open 24/7, orders before 3pm ship same day.

Saltwater Fly Lines

Saltwater fly lines are increasingly specialized to the areas you fly fish. The cold, windy, late fall conditions often encountered when chasing striped bass or false albacore present a much different challenge to a flyline then the tropical heat of a bonefish expedition. We carry a large selection of lines from Orvis, Airflo, and RIO so you can choose lines with heads, tapers, cores, and coatings all specifically designed for the fishing situations you face. If you have questions about what to choose we're just an email or phone call away.
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    Cortland Compact Type 3 Specialty Flyline

    Original Price $89.95
    Current Price $84.95

    This line from Cortland is incredibly versitile. It can be used in almost all water conditions from cold new england surf to tropical blue water. T...

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    Original Price $89.95
    Current Price $84.95
    Save 6%