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Plastic Darters

  • Super Strike All Yellow Zig Zag Darters

    Super Strike Zig Zag Darters

    Super Strike Zig Zag Darter is a favorite anywhere you get heavy current or surf. An excellent casting lure that is ideal where there is a strong r...

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  • Yo-Zuri Mag Darter
    from $12.99

    Yo-Zuri Mag Darters

    We carry the Yo-Zuri Mag Darter in all 3 sizes; 5/8 ounce, 1 ounce and the newest arrival the 2 ounce version. All are proven fish catchers and cas...

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  • NorthBar Tackle Montauk Darters
    from $18.97

    NorthBar Tackle Montauk Darters

    The NorthBar Tackle Montauk Darter is a rare commodity - there just aren't many plastic darters in the world. A big benefit of plastic is the consi...

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  • Tactical Anglers Sub Darter
    Sold out
    Original price $19.99
    Current price $17.99

    Tactical Anglers Sub Darter

    Darts, swims, rattles, and undulates. Large Recessed Diamond Eyes - maximum lifelike reflections Vibrating Exterior System - patent pending gill pl...

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