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Rhody Classic Flies

It might be the littlest state, but it's been big in saltwater fly fishing, including fly tying.
  • Rhody Flatwings
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    Rhody Flatwings

    A Rhody Classic combining the Ray's Fly colors with flatwing design.

  • Iconic white, yellow and olive saltwater fly
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    Ray's Fly (size 2)

    This sparsely tied Ray Bonderew pattern is an excellent imitation of a Silverside or a Sand Eel or when slimmer baits are present. A fantastic spri...

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  • Ray's Fly (size 1/0)
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    Ray's Fly (size 1/0)

    Tied on a size #1, EC 254SS

  • Steve Cook's Finest Kind Flatwing (Size 3/0)

    Steve Cook's Finest Kind Flatwing (Size 3/0)

    Courtesy of Capt. W. "Hunky" Clark, a most able fisher. This fly is just a pure pleasure to fish, and has been for many years. Tied on EC253/4

  • Guide Flies: Eel Punt

    Guide Flies: Eel Punt

    The Eel Punt is a suggestive pattern, in particular doing a good job of looking like a young sandeel or small eel. Sometimes we can't get the flies...

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  • White Water Witch
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    White Water Witch

    Designed to be fished in the white water around Newport by the late Ray Smith. It's slim profile and dark color suggest a variety of baitfish in an...

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  • Bondorew Bucktail Fly

    Bondorew Bucktail Fly

    Halfway between a Rhody Flat Wing and Ray's Fly, ths blue, yellow and green bucktail fly will crush bass all season long!