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Blackfish Jigs

Whether you call them blackfish or tautog, a blackfish jig is a great way to get your bait in front of these fun, hard fighting, tasty fish.

  • MagicTail Tog Jigs
    from $2.69

    MagicTail Tog Jigs

    MagicTail Tog Jigs feature an all important strong and sharp hook to make sure the point goes home on big tog. Their shape is designed to get down ...

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  • TidalTails Original "Craggy" Blackfish Jigs
    from $3.49

    TidalTails Original "Craggy" Blackfish Jigs

    TidalTails Original "Craggy" Blackfish Jigs are designed for shallow to mid depth's, using light to medium heavy spinning gear with braided or mono...

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  • MagicTail Back Bay Tog Jig (3 pack)
    from $6.99

    MagicTail Back Bay Tog Jig (3 pack)

    The MagicTail Back Bay Tog Jigs are the little brother jigs to the standard MagicTail Tog Jigs.  Designed for lighter inshore use, they come in li...

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  • Asylum Jigz Blackfish Bugz Jigs
    from $2.19

    Asylum Jigz Blackfish Bugz Jigs

    The Blackfish Bugz from Asylum Jigz feature quality paint jobs and utilize a clear coating for extra protection.  Each jig comes with a super-stron...

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