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MagicTail Tog Jigs

Lure Weight

MagicTail Tog Jigs feature an all important strong and sharp hook to make sure the point goes home on big tog. Their shape is designed to get down fast and not get hung up once you get there. It also helps present the bait on top of the jig versus beside it as is the case with flat sided jigs.

Tog fishing has evolved a lot in recent years - small but potent spinning reels, new tapers in spinning rods, and thin braided line are increasingly the new "normal" for a tog outfit and jigs like MagicTail's are the perfect match to new high performance jigging set ups.

MagicTail Tog Jigs are hand painted and may vary slightly from the images. Green Crab imitates the color scheme of a Green crab with black and green with an orange belly, and White Legger and Glow White Legger cover Jonah, Stone, and Lady crabs. Glow Chartreuse is a highly visible color option for dirty water.