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ODM Fishing

ODM is a maker of high end surf rods and surf fishing accessories such as surf bags and belts.

  • ODM D.N.A. Surf Rods
    from $209.99

    ODM D.N.A. Surf Rods

    ODM D.N.A. Surf Rods sit at the crossroads of performance and value. It's tough to get more for your money then this. Modern surf rods are just get...

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  • ODM Genesis Surf Rods
    from $324.99

    ODM Genesis Surf Rods

    The ODM Genesis Surf Rods utilize advanced technology and top quality materials. The Genesis series incorporates ODM proprietary CNF™ (Carbon Nano ...

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  • ODM Jigster Surf Rods
    from $449.99

    ODM Jigster Surf Rods

    ODM "The Jigster" Surf Rods are the ultimate surf jigging rod with the sensitivity to detect every bounce over the bottom. The jig moves as you mo...

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  • ODM Surfwave Plug Bags
    from $249.00

    ODM Surfwave Plug Bags

    ODM's Surfwave 2.5 and 3.5 Plug Bags will appeal to any serious surf fishermen who has dealt with lesser plug bags. Nothing but the best materials ...

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  • ODM Frontier X Surf Rods
    from $444.99

    ODM Frontier X Surf Rods

    The ODM Frontier X Surf Rod is ODM Fishing's high end surf rod offering, utilizing advanced nano-technology and newly developed materials to craft...

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  • ODM Surfwave Belt

    ODM Surfwave Belt

    The ODM SurfWave Belt is a premium heavy-duty surf belt designed to withstand the elements with comfort and safety in mind. At its core is the Fas...

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  • ODM Jigster Extreme Surf Rod Close Up
    from $465.00

    ODM The Jigster Extreme Surf Rods

    ODM The Jigster "Extreme" Surf Rods are built specifically for casting the biggest plugs, bucktails, and baits in high current, big fish situations...

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