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Natural Materials

  • Large Northern Bucktails

    Large Northern Bucktails

    Good sized bucktails with quality hair. Even after all these years there's still nothing quite like bucktail for making an irresistible fly. Buckt...

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  • Large Pastel Northern Bucktails

    Large Pastel Northern Bucktails

    These pastel color large northern bucktails are the real deal. Great colors and quality hair. Bucktail is likely the most commonly used material wh...

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  • Dyed over White Strung Chinese Saddle Hackle
    from $8.49

    Dyed over White Strung Chinese Saddle Hackle

    Dyed over White Strung Chinese Saddle Hackle is just what you're looking for when tying Deceivers and other saltwater patterns. 4-5 inch well shap...

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  • Marabou Strung Blood Quills

    Marabou Strung Blood Quills

    In patterns marabou adds life without bulk and slicks down nicely to help your fly cruise through the air during a cast, but popping to life as soo...

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  • Flatwing Saddles

    Flatwing Saddles

    Ideal flatwing saddles for spinning up flatwing style flies for big striped bass.

  • Rabbit Strips

    Rabbit Strips

    Rabbit Strips come to life even in calm water. Durable and full of action. The possibilities are endless.

  • Saltwater Capes

    Saltwater Capes

    Quality feathers in the right colors and shape for Flatwings and Deceivers.

  • Ewing Half Saddle

    Ewing Half Saddle

    Ewing Half Saddles are high quality domestic saddles for all types of larger flies.  

  • Crosscut Rabbit Strips (White)

    Crosscut Rabbit Strips (White)

    The body material for Bonito Bunnies

  • Deer Belly Hair (White)

    Deer Belly Hair (White)

    A coarse hair from the belly of a deer. The added stiffness of the hairs make it perfect for spinning.