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ASMFC Public Comment 5.23.23 - Saltwater Edge

Thank you for organizing and for the opportunity to comment

My name is Peter Jenkins.

I own the Saltwater Edge, a tackle shop in Rhode Island celebrating our 30th year in business.

I am also Chairman of the American Saltwater Guides Association, an organization of guides, tackle shop owners, and manufacturers., This view of sustainable abundance, not surprisingly also has broad appeal to recreational anglers.

My business depends on striped bass, and I support the Emergency Action and Addendum 2. Striped bass is indeed “every man's fish” in that you can catch it in bait, lures, and flies, from the surf or a boat and from April to November in Southern New England. 

It is critical we get the 2015’s out of the slot.

This is especially true given the poor spawns in the Chesapeake the last few years. 

I would also point out that the public is overwhelmingly supportive of Addendum 2 and that over 3000 letters were submitted in support. 

Again I support this Emergency Action and Addendum 2

And I’d like to thank Mike Armstrong and David Borden for the motion and the second.

I’d ask ASMFC to take more effectual actions in the future sooner so as to avoid Emergency Actions.

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