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Selecting the right fly for spring striped bass fishing

Fly fishing expert and shop owner Peter shows us some of the best fly patterns to use during the spring for striped bass. 














how you doing peter jenkins here from the saltwater edge with an installment of on the fly this will be spring on the fly it's a time of year where uh the fish are migrating there's a lot of uh bait in the estuaries in the back country in the river miles places like that and uh big fish better striped bass will follow them as well because uh it's certainly some would argue that that now uh spring is a better time to catch a bigger bass from shore than than the fall had traditionally been as sometimes the bass take an offshore route or the weather's just so lousy in the fall it's hard to get a rhythm to it and find the bigger fish certainly spring represents a great opportunity for the waiting uh fly router so you're likely in the estuaries to be fishing maybe primarily a uh silverside pattern like the raise fly and i often fish the raised fly as the point on a dropper rig with another critter be it a uh a shrimp pattern simple shrimp pattern or some combination of of worm flies um worms come in a variety of colors they'll spawn out this time of year and solve ponds and over mud but they're in the flow a lot of places it could be bright red to a sort of pale pinkish color and uh it's a good idea to have a couple of different uh shrimp flies as well so that kind of rig is not uncommon rig for for the spring the other thing you need to be able to do is imitate bigger baits and um traditionally uh roadie flatwings will do that this is a long you know 12 maybe even 18 inch pattern in this case with a lot of life built into it a lot of individual fibers individual colors but when the water is used as a material it expands it's relatively easy to cast but uh it presents a large profile on the water another alternative is this uh mullet marauder style fly from long island flies which is um some um craft fur in the head to give it some bulk but then flat wing and a little bit sparser through the middle but a longer easier pattern to present but so you'd want to also have in addition to the silver sides and a couple of critters be they shrimp or worms would be a bigger bait push pattern for the larger baits that come in shore uh certainly at the beginning of the spring and then the last uh is where i use a clauser whether it's the smaller one what's probably a size uh one or combine it with uh the deceiver and the half and half which probably gets you six or eight inch profile fly you can dial it up or down depending on the bait fish that you see but the chartreuse is a is a great color for dirty water and there's an attractor pattern where you don't see fish actively feeding now the other thing about the fly rod is it's really great in flow and so river miles and things like that would be the kind of places i'd focus my efforts in the spring it's not you're not gonna be fishing at night so much yet that'll come later in the spring or in the summer obviously but uh right now you'll have plenty of opportunity to to get out see where you're fishing cover more water that'll be another key is covered in the water those are a couple thoughts on spring on the fly

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