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First impression of the Simms Challenger Deck Boot

The man himself, Peter Jenkins, gives us his first impression of the new Simms Deck Boot. 















how you doing it's peter from the saltwater edge gonna give you my first impression on the new sims challenger deck boot stay tuned

let's take a look at the new sims challenger deck booth uh it's seven inches tall a lot of the other uh boots on the market are a little shorter um it has a really nice neoprene cuff here i found this to be great because it makes the boots stay a little bit more snuggly to the rest of your foot doesn't rattle around like some of the other ones seem to for me pull tabs kick off two nice features and then lastly non-marking on slip sole been wearing them about a week nice uh really strong first impression really um nice product here from sims um for context i've been wearing the extra toughs for a couple of years and uh they're a little lower they're six inches and they're slightly lighter um they certainly in my opinion kind of rattle around in your foot a little bit which i think this neoprene cuff saw with sims then the other point is sims has what's called a right angle footbed in these boots in some other shoes that they've made that i've worn before and i don't know what it does but it's supposed to be how it orients your posture but it's certainly very comfortable for a long day on the water um more comfortable than my experiences with extra touch so um that's a a quick first impression on the new sims challenger deck boot check them out


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