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Rigging soft plastics: How to rig the NLBN 5" paddle tail

Internet mustache sensation Eric Spicer walks us through rigging one of the latest and most effective soft plastics around.














hey it's eric here at the saltwater edge we've got another rigging video for you today and we're going to be rigging up the z-man door matadors let's get into it

all right so we're going to be rigging up one of these z-man door mata doors i have these in a six inch hot chartreuse color um these are pre-scented you can see a little bit of the scent on there and they are extremely durable i mean look at that no ripping no tearing these are great to use in an area where you might have some smaller fish picking away at your bait or you have a really abrasive bottom you're worried about tearing up your soft plastic these are going to hold up much better i'm going to be rigging that on a ball jig matching color and what you want to look for in the ball jig is make sure that it has one of these soft plastic keepers and that keeps your bait on in rough conditions or when a fish is going to take it i like to fish these with the curly part facing out and the hook is going to come out that way

nice and simple here

you're just going to feed that on

come right out the bottom and push it onto the ball jig until you feel that lock take it

and you are rigged and ready to fish these are just a great lure for the bottom and this is a really nice way to rig it this is the way i fish these and we'll be fishing them in the summer

all right the second way we're going to read these is if you're going to be using a three-way we're going to rig this with a single hook and with these i like to pre-measure where that hook is going to come out keep it nice and balanced and i'm going to put my thumb right in that spot where the hook is going to come out and don't worry that band-aid is not from doing this

so you're going to push that hook into the bait until you feel just a little bit of pressure where your thumb is move your thumb

and push it right on

and that's just going to make for a nice presentation so that your bait's not all uh all humped up and junked up uh being pushed onto the hook incorrectly and the second thing i'm going to do with this is add a teaser so i'm going to do is i'm going to take one of these tsunami teasers which is just you know nice little sparkly teaser

this is uh my leader material i'm gonna push that right through and then i'm gonna tie that on so it's to go line teaser and then right onto the bait and that's going to be a really nice presentation up on the bottom it just it's going to catch a lot of fish for you because it is neutrally buoyant i want to show you what that looks like in the water so we're going to go back to the saltwater edge lab and take a look

all right first up we're going to see how that looks on the ball jig

you can see that neutral buoyancy in the tail is keeping it nice and elevated keeping it from getting hung up on the bottom and making a nice presentation

really nice action on these

next up we have the unweighted version with the teaser put a little ball weight on the end of this hook just to sink it to the bottom but you can see how it's going to present itself right up off the bottom and that teaser is going to give it a lot of action a lot of extra color and it's going to be a really nice presentation when you're drifting particularly when you're drifting this off a three-way

all right everyone thanks for watching another rigging video with me today um i hope you learned something about these uh door matadors today they are a really effective bait for catching big bottom fish uh put them up to the test against squid um put them up to the test against uh some other plastics i think you're going to find out that these come out on top as usual we've opened this package of door matadors and we're not going to sell it once it's open so we want to give it to one of you all you have to do is drop a comment below like the video subscribe to our channel and you'll be automatically entered uh thanks for watching and we'll see you again soon








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