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Everything you need to know about Seaguar fluorocarbon

Fishing encyclopedia Mike Hachey untangles the differences between the Seaguar Fluorocarbon lines and which models may be better suited for the appropriate leader.















hey guys this is mike over the saltwater edge just bringing you the four most popular options from seaguar

so first off i've got seaguar blue label this happens to be the most popular of all the seaguar options we have we carry in 25-yard 50-yard 100-yard spools we also have it in the big game series it's going to be very good abrasion resistant it probably is the most abrasion resistant of all the seaguars it's still going to retain a lot of the aspects of cr that you expect or expect um it's going to be the abrasion resistance that clarity so it's going to be a good option for targeting anything from to tog striped bass bluefish and your albies any sort of bond fishing it's a great option for so one of the latest offerings is going to be seaguar inshore this is going to be a great option for the guy who's certainly fishing in short environments a lot of inshore environments you're going to be running into kelp you're going to be running sea grass in light rock mixed sand and this is going to be a great option uh it's 100 yard spools with this guy and it's also one of the most affordable per yard uh in the whole series so next up i have seaguar premiere this is going to be a great option for the guy who's open water fishing it has a little bit less abrasion resistant compared to the rest of the seaguar offerings but what it has is really good knot strength but it also is very supple that self suppleness provides a great option for lures it just doesn't affect them as much but it also allows a little bit better casting going through the guides everything like that because it has a very low memory due to that suppleness so lastly i have seaguar gold label this is the most premium option from seaguar as a leader material you're going to find that this line is unbelievably thin in comparison to the rest of the seagull lineup and really any other fluorocarbon option it's 25 percent thinner which is a big statement to make but um if it shares a lot of the same characteristics as uh seaguar premiere where it's ultra thin it's supple um and it's also a very good in terms of leader to your braided line it's going to be very good for that specific knot which is going to be a very good option for the guy who needs to tie a super thin knot and get through those guys i use gold label extensively it's probably my favorite of the seaguar options i find that it's super thin aspect allows me to bump up in terms of uh pound test so generally with any other seaguar options i fish uh that 20 15 pound test for albies i usually bump it up and i can go to 25 if not 30. i still see the same results lower actions the same the knots are the same it's just an overall great option they make it into 25 yard spools goes from all the way from four pound test and up to 80 pound test which is going to be a considerable amount of options for you guys whether you're targeting anything from a bluegill all the way to a decent sized bluefin thanks for watching guys i hope you learned a little bit about all the different seaguar options uh it's gonna be one of those things that we're gonna continue posting is just all these educational videos so certainly like and subscribe if you have any further questions about any of the seaguar and maybe the different fishing you're doing um i would certainly comment below we'll try to answer any of your questions that we


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