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Choosing a reel to suit your fishing needs

One of the shop's star employees Paul Sibiga walks us through selecting the right Penn reel for our fishing needs.















hey guys it's paul with the saltwater edge and today we're going to be discussing the penn reels that we offer and which one is the right reel for you the first reel i'd like to introduce you guys to is the battle 3dx it features everything the regular battle 3 has along with a few additional features such as the ht-100 carbon fiber drag washers and a brass main gear it also has one more bearing than the standard battle three this has six plus one stainless steel bearing system compared to the five plus one in the regular battle three it does also come with a comfortable lightweight eva foam knob and it's just a really comfortable reel to fish overall this is going to be the friendliest price point for all of the pen rails we're going to be discussing today this is the perfect beginner reel for somebody who does not want to outgrow their gear it's going to be awesome for rivers back bays and other calm estuaries the second reel i would like to introduce you guys to is the penn spin fisher 6. this reel is a direct descendant of the pen spin fisher 700 which was the first spinning reel produced by pen spin fisher 6 has an ipx5 rating which is going to be about 5 to 10 minutes of constant exposure to water including heavy spray and slight submersion it does have a metal body and five plus one stainless steel bearings it also comes with cnc machined gears which will lead to a tighter feel it's heavier than the the battle dx reel we previously discussed however it's gonna be a lot more durable the spinfisher is a perfect reel for most surf casters just not for the guys who are going to be swimming out to rocks or wet suiting thanks for watching so far guys if you like what you're seeing in this video please be sure to like subscribe and let us know in the comments what you'd like to see next third wheel i'd like to introduce you guys to is the penn slammer 4. all of us here at the shop are very excited about this reel we've been looking forward to this variation for a very long time this reel features an all metal body and side plate it's a fully sealed ipx6 rating you can submerge it for up to 10 minutes at a time with absolutely no water intrusion slammer has a cnc machined brass main gear as well as eight plus one stainless steel bearings it also has a hydrophobic line roller bearing you notice i have in a left-handed configuration because i'm lefty however it is easy enough to swap the handle over to the other side making it easy for you right-handers as well this is going to be the heaviest most sealed and most durable pen reel that we have discussed today because it was a little bit heavier depending on which model you select it will be perfect for anywhere from a nine foot to an eleven foot surf rod thanks for watching guys if you have any questions feel free to comment below or reach out to us via our live chat give us a phone call or stop into the shop anytime you'd like you can read more about the reels on our website thanks for watching






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