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Best budget conventional reels

Mike is back with his conventional wisdom to show us the best conventional reels for under 300$. 
















hey guys this is mike over the saltwater edge just bringing you the best three conventional reels we have here for 300 and less

so first up i have the seigler sgn this is the small game narrow so it's got a little bit thinner spool a little bit less wide this the standard small game um it still has all the robustness of that small game it's got 30 pounds of drag it holds a stupid amount of line it's i want to say it's 350 yards or 30 pound braid so it's a decent amount of line for the northeast guy unless you're going for tuna that'd be probably limitation there but i mean it's a small lightweight compact design it's 11.2 ounces that's light it's made here in the u.s it's a great option for the guy who wants to get into a lever drag without a crazy price point it's going to be super super smooth you're going to find that they're a little bit more raspy and that's just for the fact that they're using ceramic bearings they're also using the stainless steel main and pinion gears that's going to be a very big life point of the reel but a lot of guys love this reel because it's a super simplistic design essentially it's just one hex tool you can remove this side plate and get access to it remove any parts that you need to it's got very few parts so whether you're kayak fishing and you need to actually self-maintenance that reel every once in a while very simplistic design there but also if you're going overseas you can just have a very small parts kit with you and keep it with you and if there's anything that gets damaged gets used or anything like that easy additions there seagull has a great video on their own website of just the very basic self maintenance of this reel so yeah the seigler sgn it's a great option so next up i have the Daiwa saltist star drag this is a great option for the guy who just wants a robust workable reel this is a very popular option for the charter guy who wants to have a dependable reel for clients it's got an ergonomic and very comfortable eva foam knob it's a one piece aluminum construction meaning that the actual side plate on the non-gear side is one piece so you get that rigidity you get that durability it's a anodized aluminum with just this black coating over it makes it look pretty nice but also keeps it corrosion resistant it's a star drag option it has anywhere from a 15h to a 50 size this 15h super popular amongst the fluke and the tog fisherman just for the fact that it's compact has great drag whereas this 50 option it's a great option for the guy who's going to go maybe possibly some tuna but realistically for around us it's most likely the lead core guy who wants to use it for tube and worm or various other techniques that just need that extra capacity um so size 15h all the way to a 50h so last but not least i have the penn fathom two this is going to be another star drag option just like that saltist was it's going to be featuring a metal aluminum housing also side plate great for durability but also very good for just overall fit and finish it's going to allow you to run that higher pound drags and run that 40 50 65 pound braid this little eight size great option for the fluke and sea bass guy um you can run that 10 15 or 20 pound braid especially for that fluke and sea bass where you want to eliminate the scope of your line eliminate the weight or reduce the weight i would say you're going to be allowed to do that with that ht100 drag system from pen you're going to find that has an ergonomic egg shaped handle great for all day use and it's perfectly self maintenance you just screw these three on the uh on the side plate there and you're able to get through it self maintenance it yourself very efficient very clean uh but yeah so this is the pen fathom too thanks for watching guys this is our best three conventional reels that we have here at the solar edge for under 300 uh there's a lot of affordability here and great options a lot of aluminum which is good to see in terms of durability standpoint but just reach out if you have any further questions like and comment below just let us know thanks you

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