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FREE CURBSIDE PICKUP - also FREE SHIPPING on most orders over $75 effective immediately!

Fishing Lures

Shop the best in saltwater fishing lures. Soft plastics, darters, pencil poppers, needlefish, and many more.
  • Hogy Lures Epoxy Jigs
    from $7.99

    Hogy Lures Epoxy Jigs

    11 reviews

    Hogy Lures Epoxy Jigs are an updated version of the very effective and discontinued Viva Parade Maria Jigs. Both the original and the Hogy are dea...

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  • Albie Snax - White

    Albie Snax

    7 reviews

    Albie Snax are often the answer when you just can't seem to get the attention of false albacore with more "normal" options like Deadly Dicks or Epo...

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  • Super Strike All Yellow Zig Zag Darters
    from $19.99

    Super Strike Zig Zag Darters

    12 reviews

    Super Strike Zig Zag Darter is a favorite anywhere you get heavy current or surf. An excellent casting lure that is ideal where there is a strong r...

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  • Hogy Heavy Minnow Jig Pink
    from $6.99

    Hogy Heavy Minnow Jigs

    5 reviews

    When the albies roll in it's often about the time the weather starts to shift and it isn't uncommon to have to deal with the wind when chasing them...

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  • MagicTail Tog Jigs
    from $2.69

    MagicTail Tog Jigs

    MagicTail Tog Jigs feature an all important strong and sharp hook to make sure the point goes home on big tog. Their shape is designed to get down ...

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  • Daiwa Salt Pro SP Minnows
    from $7.88

    Daiwa Salt Pro SP Minnows

    5 reviews

    Elephants eat peanuts. When the Daiwa SP Minnow arrived on the scene a few years ago striper fishermen everywhere were reminded of that fact. Don't...

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  • Rebel Jumpin Minnows

    Rebel Jumpin Minnows

    2 reviews

    The Rebel Jumpin' Minnow might be one of the easiest plugs to use ever made. Its perfectly balanced body makes it easy even for the beginner to cr...

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