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Gear Up: The Fall Run in the Surf

The weather has stayed warm; but nonetheless the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler and there’s playoff baseball on tv. All of these factors add to the anticipation of surfcasting the Fall Run. In the shop we have restocked on proven winners, have full size runs of the “gear you wear” like surf tops, waders and boots. Here’s the rundown:

Proven Winners From Top to Bottom


The Doc

Solid hardware and great dog walk action. It's tough lure to throw from the suds but worth the extra effort. Perhaps throw the 7" version for some extra distance. One of the best striper lures around.


Northbar Flying Squid

Creates an easy walking motion imitating a wounded baitfish.  The fins at the head of the bait provide for even more surface commotion than a regular pencil, but also assist with stabilizing the bait when in the air, increasing casting distance.


Gibbs Pro Series Pencil Poppers – a striper classic whose action can catch a whole lot more than just striped bass. Upgraded eyes and heavy-duty hardware round out this classic lure.

Cotton Cordell Loaded Redfins 

A classic swimmer loaded with 10cc of water to cast further.  Alos, sports upgraded split rings, VMC hooks and a dressed Siwash to help you get and stay connected. 


Northbar Bottle Darters 

Great in almost any conditions from calm to rough, this lure slowly wobbles and returns to the surface if you stop retrieving it. Otherwise, it digs nicely into the surf. Some have even experimented with weighting it for even more casting distance, something the lure wasn't lacking in the first place. There is a Bottle Darter Jr option available as well.

The line tie is oriented at 60 degrees to create a more realistic profile for the surfcaster. Most jigs have a 90-degree line tie better suited for vertical jigging. They also feature a substantial hook no matter the size of the bucktail - your catch will definitely NOT be straightening this hook. Shop  Magictail Bucktails 


Gear You Wear

Very consistent feedback on both quality and function. This top combines toughness and durability, with the ability to keep you dry and comfortable. Experience longer, more enjoyable outings with this surf top.

A very comfortable pair of waders that are loaded with useful features. The knees are "built bent" which makes rock hopping easier. Durable outer layer is critical in the barnacle infested surf. Step up to Simms.

Rock Grabr'z 

Rock Grabr'zhave become our "go to" carbide stud. The auger is not as deep so it fits more soles and for all but the most aggressive wading they do the job. Perfest for Simms Freestone and the new Simms Fly Weight wading boots.

Stormr SocksGloves and Beanies


Van Staal Big Game Pliers

If you need to upgrade for the fall there has never been more fishing plier options available. Van Staal Big Game Pliers are top notch and over built for dealing with the big trebles and angry bluefish of Fall

Saltwater Edge Surfcaster Hoody

New hoody for fall?

Tight lines in the days and nights ahead!
The Saltwater Edge

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