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Bill Wetzel - Montauk Surf Rat

Bill Wetzel has guided the Montauk surf for over 25 years. He is one of the most requested anglers that you the Saltwater Edge Podcast listeners have ever asked for.

Not surprisingly, his live social posts that he records driving home after a night in the Montauk surf are a masterclass in the thought process of what makes great anglers great—traits like focus, observation, and a deep understanding of seasonal bait migrations and more. 

Bill has hosted the Surf Rats Ball Surf Fishing Tournament for over a decade. He has donated 100% of the proceeds to Kids Need More, a non-profit that is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children and their families who are coping with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. That’s an awesome display of compassion and commitment.

Learn more at Surf Rats Ball


Show notes:

This episode brings Bill Wetzel, a legend in surf casting, to share his expansive knowledge on surf fishing, discussing everything from the best lures and techniques to use in different seasons, to the significance of understanding local bait migrations and utilizing the right equipment. Wetzel emphasizes the importance of conservation through catch-and-release, sharing personal anecdotes and advice on reading water structures. Wetzel's passion shines through as he speaks on his ideal fishing experience in Montauk, the community aspect of surf fishing through online forums like Surf Rats Ball, and his charitable involvement with Kids Need More. 

00:34 Introducing the Guest: A Surf Casting Legend
01:44 The Guest's Arrival and Initial Conversation
02:03 Discussing Fishing Tactics and Strategies
03:06 Understanding Bait Migrations and Fishing Seasons
05:00 The Art of Surf Fishing: Techniques and Tips
07:01 The Importance of Observation in Fishing
07:43 The Role of Bait in Fishing Success
10:05 The Intricacies of Fishing Locations and Conditions
12:41 The Importance of Focus and Observation in Fishing
15:19 Understanding and Navigating Fishing Structures
18:46 The Role of Passion and Preparation in Fishing Success
22:57 The Importance of Keeping a Fishing Log
37:51 Discussing the Magic Minutes Talk
37:58 Understanding the Importance of Wind and Tide in Fishing
38:34 The Art of Spotting and Breaking Down Fishing Locations
39:07 Balancing Fishing with Personal Life
40:21 The Intricacies of Fishing in Different Conditions
42:28 The Importance of Knowledge and Experience in Fishing
46:16 The Changing Landscape of Montauk
53:00 The Role of Equipment in Fishing
01:03:51 The Final Fishing Day Dream Scenario
01:06:57 The Impact of Surf Rats Ball on Kids with Cancer
01:09:01 Closing Remarks and Acknowledgements

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