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All About Century Rods

Capt. TJ Harris, Century Rod Pro Staff walks us through the Century line and technology.









hey it's tj from sentry rods i'm here today at saltwater edge and i'm going to be going over some of the sentry models of rods that they stock and talking about the technology

sentry is a company united kingdom it specializes in making formula one car parts and aerospace parts they also make the best fishing rods in the world and they use the autoclave technology to make every single blank which basically every rod goes into a steel chamber that's put under extreme heat and extreme vacuum to create a completely void free blank which gives you as strong and as light as possible graphene is also incorporated into many of the blanks which is a substance that's only one molecule thick but yet 200 times stronger than steel and it's harder than a diamond it's incorporated into one molecule thick sheets that are laid into the blank itself to really give them durability and strength and a little faster recovery i have here the sentry weapon which is one of the most versatile in their lineups available in both spinning and conventional it has graphene incorporated into the build also has a texturing texture finish on it for extra durability anti-twist technology this eliminates your torsional load when casting really great for striped bass to tog fluke down south tarpon and snook you know it's extremely extremely versatile here we have the weapon junior which is also available spinning in conventional it's the weapons little brother and it has a lot of the same uses of it you can also do some fresh water fishing with it but it also has graphene technology a texturing finish for durability anti-twist technology to eliminate the torsional loads and it's available to slightly lower price point uh due to the lack of a nano resin that we use in the weapon here we have the weapon junior mag which is the the new technology from sentry that still has the old favorites of the graphene incorporated into the blank the text stream finish for added durability anti-twist technology and this the magnums actually have a more dramatic tip taper from the mid sections a little beefier to a lighter tip which gives you the ability to throw lighter lighter lures and have a faster recovery and still a lot of backbone in the midsection to really put the boots on some fish it's really popular for jigging for to tog striped bass flounder flute down south snook tarpon redfish it's a really versatile rod super lightweight we have the century demon here it's the pinnacle of finesse fishing in the sentry lineup extremely versatile you can catch fresh water trout with it up to striped bass snook redfish has the standard graphene technology incorporated into the blank anti-twist technology high-end titanium components would really make it extremely light it has a beautiful 1k carbon finish to it and it's just an incredibly light and versatile rod here we have the century protagor which was originally designed as a talking rod however it's started to shine in its versatility of being used for a heavier jigging rod for fluke it's also a great dock rod it has a lot of the same technologies incorporated into the other century lineup as well such as graphene in the finish it has a textured finish for durability very lightweight with titanium components and it's also available in spinning and conventional here we have the century nine foot surf machine which is a 70 30 two piece construction it also has a text stream finish for extra durability it's a very versatile smaller rod of the surf machine line it's ideal for you know fishing off the beach fishing jetties and stuff like that it has anti-twist technology of course like all centuries rod it's made in the autoclave so you have a completely lightweight void free blank that's super strong and durable

here we have the century surf machine elite it's really the formula one car of surf rods today as the latest and greatest technology available from century it has total torsional stability which is similar to our anti-twist technology just beefed up a little bit more also has graphene incorporated into the build along with the texturing finish for extra durability it's really a great versatile rod for the all-around surf caster from beaches and jetties and everything else here we have the stealth rod which is a slower more parabolic action rod really ideal for throwing eels less aerodynamic plugs such as starters and danny's a little more forgiving allows you to also use a lighter leader without having to worry about the faster rod snapping off your lures and everything else you'll see it has the texturing technology is also just to give you a little bit more uh durability and the blank also has graphene incorporated into it for strength and faster slightly faster recovery so here we have the century 1328 slingshot the slingshot series is a fast fast rod ideal for throwing aerodynamic plugs and jigs when you really want the extra distance they're all two-piece rods this 11 foot 1328 is has a 70-30 brake a lot of the other versions are 50 50 split

it has a graphene technology incorporated into it titanium guides for extra light weight thanks for watching if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact saltwater edge

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