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How to pick a Penn - Three reels compared

Penn has been manufacturing spinning reels since 1961. Over the years, they have expanded from one model, the Spinfisher, to nine models with dozens of variations. With all of the different Penn models available today, we thought we'd talk about our three favorite Penn spinning reels for this year. 

First up is the Battle III DX. This is a dealer exclusive model of the Battle III with some key improvements for fishing saltwater. 

The DX has a CNC machined brass main gear, something the regular Battle III does not. The DX also has a full metal body, EVA foam knob, and has a 6+1 bearing setup. The standard Battle III is a 5+1 bearing system. The DX is the lightest reel in this lineup. It's perfect for casting from a boat or shore in the back bays and any light tackle environment. The DX is not fully sealed, so try and keep this one out of the water.
Next up is the Spinfisher VI. There may have been an improvement or two since the original bakelite green Spinfisher.
Penn Spinfisher 700

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The new Spinfisher VI has a few tricks that make it a great saltwater fishing reel. One of the most important is the IPX5 waterproofing. This allows the reel to be exposed to water for 5-10 minutes without having major water intrusion. A fully metal body makes this reel a little heavier than the DX, but it can balance a longer heavier duty rod perfectly.

This reel also has CNC machined gears and returns a little more line every turn compared to the DX. This is a reliable reel that will catch fish after fish, night after night and is a true workhorse in the Penn lineup. The Spinfisher VI is also available in a bailess configuration. The Spinfisher VI is ideal for the no nonsense surf and boat angler looking to get into some bigger fish.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Penn Slammer IV. The Slammer IV is the most saltwater focused reel in this lineup.

Featuring IPX6 waterproofing in the body and spool, this reel can take a dunking and keep on chunking, or plugging -- but that doesn't rhyme as well. The 8+1 stainless steel bearing system ensures a smooth retrieve and the hydrophobic roller bearing prevents a common roller fouling issue that many surf anglers see in other reels. The Slammer IV is the heaviest of the three reels here, but you don't get all of that waterproofing without a few extra ounces. The Slammer IV is offered in a standard or a HS model for faster line retrieve. The reels above the 5500 size in this reel have a manual bail. Slammer IVs feature a metal knob but come with an EVA foam replacement so you can find out what works best for you. The Slammer IV is going to be the reel for the saltwater angler who's gear is exposed to water, either in the surf or spray on a skiff. 

For any reel questions give us a call, send us an email, stop in the store or use the live chat on our website. Odds are we want to talk about fishing just as much as you do.

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