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Century Rods - Arguably the most technical rods on the market

You really have to pick up a Century rod before you get why they are so sought after. They are incredibly lightweight but don't have any sense of fragility. You cant imagine getting tired casting one of these for hours on end. 

The reason Century rods are so strong and light lies in their autoclave technology.The autoclave applies heat and pressure while creating a vacuum so create a void free blank. Century adapted this technology from its use in aerospace and F1 racing. Both situations where you need a lightweight, high strength product. Removing the possibility of any voids in the blank eliminates the risk of a rod being faulty from the factory.

Century makes a whole range of rods, from the lightweight finesse Demon all the way up to the jetty ready Slingshot. TJ gives us a great overview of the rods in the video below.

The next time you are by the shop, stop in and check these out.

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