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Gaining an Edge at the Cape Cod Canal

Gaining an Edge at the Cape Cod Canal

Some of the best tides of the season are just ahead at the Cape Cod Canal. Dave Anderson reviews six proven lures and tactics that will help you go tight during these very productive late July and early August tides.

Cape Cod Canal Lure Selection

Sebile Magic Swimmer 228g Slow Sink - Rig with a single treble to reduce leverage

Sebile Stick Shadd 182 Floating - No color preference

Musky Mania "Doc" - Slack tide choice. Instead of waiting out the change.

Super Strike Little Neck Popper 2 3/8 oz - When distance is critical and to imitate small baits. Add hackle siwash

Savage Gear Sand Eel 5 1/3 oz - When they are deep. Cast uptide and stay connected

Tsunami Swin Shad 9 inch - Not obligated to bounce the bottom. Good in slow and moderate tides.

Tight lines!

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