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Shimano Coltsniper Walk 95F Hi-Pitch Lures

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Coming in a compact size, the Shimano Coltsniper Walk 95F Hi-Pitch Lures are the perfect little spook for imitating small baitfish such as baby peanut bunker, mullet and others.  Some times predatory fish simply want a small offering and the 95mm size fits the bill for that.  While it is small and compact, it doesn't lose any casting range or performance compared to its larger 110F or 130F sizes.  Each of the Coltsniper Walk baits feature a glass fiber construction which enhances its high pitch rattling sound.  Through wiring construction makes sure you are able to target anything from schoolies and other small inshore fish to your cow stripers and even light offshore fish.

  • 95mm in Length (3 3/4in)
  • 21g (1/2oz)
  • 3x Wired Hooks
  • Through Wired