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Bonito and False Albacore Lures and Tackle

False Albacore and Bonito are two of the NorthEast's favorite fast moving fish. With their "hard" tails, pound for pound they're some of the stronger fish we encounter inshore.

This selection of rods, reels, metals, soft plastics, epoxy jigs, flies, and more are all great options for chasing and catching these incredible game fish on every year.

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    Point Jude Po-Jee Tins

    from $7.99

    The Point Jude Po-Jee is perfect when small thin profiled baitfish like silversides, sand eels, or anchovies are around. Both sizes work great for ...

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    from $7.99
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    Clarkspoon Shad Jig

    from $5.97

    The Clarkspoon Shad Jig is a fine imitation of a the deeper body of a peanut bunker. An albie favorite but deadly on all kinds of species!

    from $5.97