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Fish Snax Hard Snax


The Fish Snax Hard Snax Jigs are the perfect compliment bait to the shop favorite, the Fish Snax Albie Snax.  Coming in with a few but all the hot hardtail colors, the Hard Snax allow you to punch out to breaking fish in the distance or cut through the wind with ease. 

The Hard Snax are similar in style to others on the market however they are coated with resin and not epoxy.  Resin in comparison to epoxy has a more durable finish that is less prone to chipping and cracking.  We've found that these jigs have shoulders to them which allow them to swim quite well.  The belly of the bait is slightly fatter than the top, which allows almost a keel like action which prevents the bait from rolling.  This is ideal for a more lifelike action as well as mitigating line twist, which certainly doesn't hurt when the hardtails are finicky and are feeling like a fish of a thousand casts.

We do recommend to upgrade the split rings/hooks on these baits in order to ensure that every cast counts.  Both sizes can utilize #4 split rings such as the Rasco 4H Split Rings and #4 VMC 9626 Trebles.