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Van Staal X-Series Spinning Reels

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The Van Staal X-Series Spinning Reel improves on the original well loved and respected Van Staal spinning reel by re-engineering what some considered to be it's only weaknesses - a drag system without much adjustment range and and line lay system that resulted in an hourglass shape.

The new X-Series now has perfect line lay optimized for braided line and distance due to it's FlatWrap Oscillation gearing and a sealed MicroClick drag system offering a wide range of adjustment with a linear drag curve.

As before this is one of the toughest reels on the market due to its rugged build qualities utilizing on the best materials and a waterproof design. If you want a reel designed to tolerate abuse in the surf or on the sea, this is the reel for the job.


 Model Line per turn Mono Capacity Braid Capacity Weight (oz) Max Drag (lb)
VSX100 27" 300/10 350/20 11.2 35
VSX150 30" 360/12 440/30 12 35
VSX200 33.5" 400/15 500/40 21.6 47
VSX250 36.5" 350/20 600/50 22.4 47
VSX275 40" 425/25 400/80 24 47