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Seaguar Gold Label Fluorocarbon Leader Material - 25yd Spools

Pound Test

Seaguar Gold Label is an exceptionally thin 100% fluorocarbon leader material, coming in at 23% thinner than any other Seaguar fluorocarbon.  This thin diameter allows baits to swim more freely, be presented in a more stealthy way and also allows the angler to cinch tighter and stronger knots.  Seaguar was able to achieve this with their proprietary co-extrusion method, where a inner core of a strong and sensitive fluorocarbon material is surrounded by a soft and supple out shell of fluorocarbon.  For line sensitive species such albies, bonito, bonefish, and others, this leader material will best suit your needs.  


  • Industry leading thin diameters
  • Exceptional knot and tensile strength
  • Low line memory
  • 23% thinner than any other Seaguar leader material