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IMX-PRO V2s Fly Rod

Style: 9' 7WT

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G. Loomis, where we craft tools to elevate your natural abilities, enhance effectiveness, and open up tactical opportunities. Whether you're an early riser hitting the water at dawn, a dedicated angler grinding it out in the mid-day heat, or a relentless enthusiast chasing the last light, we're here for you. Introducing the IMX-PRO V2S, the latest evolution of the 40-year commitment to delivering actions that consistently hit the mark.

Engineered for peak performance in saltwater environments, IMX-PRO V2S actions are finely tuned for versatility in three key areas: improved wind resistance, effortless line control for lengthy casts, and superior fish-fighting capabilities. Our team designed these adaptable actions to pack power in the lower half of the rod while featuring a slightly stiffer tip to minimize tailing loops and enhance tracking and line retrieval. With our proprietary Conduit Core and GL7 resin system, we've achieved unmatched strength and durability without sacrificing weight, ensuring you stay sharp when the action heats up.

But don't just take our word for it. Experience the precision and purpose behind these actions firsthand. Because in the world of fishing, actions always speak louder than words.

12882-01 IMX-PRO FLY V2S 690-4 9'0" Fast/Salt 4 #6 A $595.00
12883-01 IMX-PRO FLY V2S 790-4 9'0" Fast/Salt 4 #7 A $595.00
12884-01 IMX-PRO FLY V2S 890-4 9'0" Fast/Salt 4 #8 A $595.00
12885-01 IMX-PRO FLY V2S 990-4 9'0" Fast/Salt 4 #9 A $595.00
12886-01 IMX-PRO FLY V2S 1090-4 9'0" Fast/Salt 4 #10 B $645.00
12887-01 IMX-PRO FLY V2S 1190-4 9'0" Fast/Salt 4 #11 B $645.00
12888-01 IMX-PRO FLY V2S 1290-4 9'0" Fast/Salt 4 #12 B $645.00