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G. Loomis IMX Pro Blue Casting Rods

Rod Models: IMX-PRO 845C M

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G Loomis IMX Pro Blue Casting Rods will be your new favorite saltwater sticks from schoolies to cod to tuna. They've added even more powerful blanks than in the original Pro Blue series.

All casting rods feature unique tapers featuring Loomis' multi-taper technology and top quality Fuji Guides.

Model Selection:

IMX-PRO 843CMF: Ideal for dropping bucktails for inshore fluke, especially for the growing light lined trend many anglers have been moving to. Its lightness allows you to have it in your hands all day while its sensitivity provides detection for the most subtle of bights.

IMX-PRO 845CM: Want a fish stopping rod in a shorter length that can truly bring the fight to the fish? This rod can easily stop brute blackfish and striper and put the fight to those heart wrenching tug of wars.

IMX-PRO 863CXF:Designed for tossing swimbaits and other soft plastics to stripers when they are only eating smaller offerings. Simply put, sometimes that's what the fish want, from schoolies to monsters. Everyone loves throwing big baits for big fish but ultimately that’s not all they feed on and want to eat, so this is the rod for those times.

IMX PRO 903CM:A rod for the ocean going fluke and blackfish lover. Sometimes you need a feather but other times you need a brick to hold bottom and that’s where this rod fits in. This rod also makes for a great eeling rod for stripers.
IMX PRO 904CMF:For the angler who needs a little bit more power when fishing for fluke and blackfish. Also makes for a great tube and worm rod.

IMX PRO 905CM:Need to put a stop to a big blackfish dead in its tracks on a wreck or chunking for large stripers? This model is very much capable of doing this and can use up to 80lb braid for those who truly want to lock down drags and put the muscle to the fish.G Loomis IMX Pro Blue Conventional Rods

Rod Model Length Pieces Line Rating (lb) Action Power Handle Rear Grip Fore Grip Overall
IMX-PRO 843C MF 7' 1 15-50lb Moderate-Fast Medium A 13" 4" 22.21"
IMX-PRO 845C M 7' 1 30-80lb Moderate Heavy B 14" 4" 23.21"
IMX-PRO 863C XF 7'2" 1 15-50lb Ex-Fast Medium A 13" 4" 22.21"
IMX-PRO 903C M 7'6" 1 15-50lb Moderate Medium C 14" 5" 24.21"
IMX-PRO 904C MF 7'6" 1 20-65lb Moderate-Fast Medium- Heavy D 14" 5" 24.01"
IMX-PRO 905C M 7'6" 1 30-80lb Moderate Heavy D 14" 5" 24.01"