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The Squid Jig basics

Squid Jig scientist Eric Spicer is back to talk to us through the ups and downs of jigging for squid.














 hey it's eric here at the saltwater edge today we're going to talk about squid jigs

squid jigs come in a truly dazzling variety of colors shapes and sizes you can see here just a small selection of what we have in stock at the saltwater edge squid are caught when their legs or bodies become tangled in these sharp tines squid approach the jig from the rear extend their arms to grab it and are tangled up on the tines allowing you to reel them in there's two main styles of squid jigging that people do today there's the traditional vertical jigging as well as a newer style called egi jigging or eging vertical jigging typically uses a more traditional style of squid jig this shape and style has been around for a very long time and works incredibly well each type or shape of squid jig allows you to present the jig to the squid in a different part of the water column depending on where the squid are a traditional vertical squid rig usually consists of a long leader with a weight or a weighted jig at the bottom end and then multiple branches with their own individual jigs on them moving up the line this allows you to fish multiple parts of the water column at the same time the newer style egging is typically done with the shrimp style jig alone on the end of your line this jig is cast out and with an ultra fast rod it's given a flutter retrieve that really attracts the squid the nice thing about egging is a lot of people do it during the daytime which differs from the traditional squid vertical jigging when selecting a squid jig it can be difficult to know how it will react in the water column either you're casting that eggy jig out and retrieving it or you're vertical jigging in deep water at night and it can be difficult to see action on the jigs we want to take you into the saltwater edge testing laboratory and show you how a few different types of jigs react

here you can see a traditional vertical weighted squid jig this is a really traditional type of squid jig and you can see the type of action it gets as it's moved through the water fish this type of squid jig on the bottom of your rig or if you're fishing a deep water column

here you can see one of the cloth body squid jigs this type of squid jig is usually fished off of one of the branches of your jig you can see how it moves through the water column and mimics a bait fish this is a great one to use if the bottom of your rig is already weighted or if you're trying to move through the water column horizontally

here we have a cloth body eggy style jig you can see how this type of jig lends itself to a really fast action rod twitching through the water and mimicking different types of bait fish and shrimp that weight at the front slices through the water and gives a really nice action here's another type of egi jig this time with a plastic body you can just see that action and how it really lends itself towards fluttering it up and then letting it sink down fluttering it up and letting it sink down it mimics a wounded bait fish or a shrimp really well these are really fun jigs to fish and you can see how great of an action they have

here you can see a floating style squid jig uh you can see this one doesn't have any weight tends to just float horizontally when you give it some action it'll dip it'll move around this is typically fished off of one of the branches on your main line and allows you to fish different parts of the water column all right everyone thanks for watching today i hope you learned something about squid jigs and how they react in the water uh maybe you learned about egging for the first time i for one i'm going to be trying that this spring and i'm going to be going out during the daytime which is a new type of squidding for me these squid jigs are opened and because they've been opened we're not going to sell them we want to give them to one of you like the video subscribe to our channel leave a comment below and you'll be entered to win these squid jigs thanks for watching


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