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2021 Surfcasters Holiday Gift Guide



Do you have a friend or family member who wakes up at ungodly hours to go wander the beaches and rocks chasing Striped Bass? Surfcasters are notoriously hard to shop for. What do they need? What do they want? These are all questions that are probably running through your head as you try to pick out a gift that they will appreciate and use in the upcoming season. This guide is a list of some of our most popular and productive products in our shop that we feel comfortable recommending to anyone, whether they are just starting to discover their passion for fishing or they’re someone who has been doing this for decades. Sorted by price, this list is a compilation of products designed to help catch “The One” they’re after. 

If it is still hard to decide or you want to give the angler in your life options, a SWE Gift Card is always a perfect fit.

 Stocking Stuffers – Under $35 

Daiwa SP MinnowsEvery surfcaster should have at least one of these in their bags. Perfect for imitating larger silversides and sand-eels, these minnow plugs come in three different sizes and plenty of different colors to entice even the pickiest of bass. 

Savage Gear Panic Pencil PopperI don’t know of a single angler who doesn’t love a good topwater strike. These pencils cast a mile due to their aerodynamic design, pair that with the large rattle in the rear of the plug and these plugs can pull fish up from the depths with their erratic action mimicking baitfish fleeing in a panic! 

Super Strike LuresOne of the most recognized names in the surfcasting game, Super Strike has every part of the water column covered. From their long casting Little Neck Poppersthat cut through even the stiffest of headwinds, Zig Zags that bass just can’t seem to resist, Needlefish that you can creep along the bottom, to Littleneck Swimmers that perform flawlessly in heavy current and rough surf, Super Strikehas you covered! We carry their entire product line..


Gifts Under $150 

Z-Belt Gen2 Slim Wading BeltSafety and comfort are paramount when it comes to Surfcasting for hours, often from atop an uncomfortable rock perch, and this belt helps with both aspects! Designed with lumbar support in mind, this belt is the ultimate in comfort for Surfcasting

SWE Albie Hoodie  The SWE Albie Hoody uses Carhartt's Rain Defender Paxton Hooded Heavyweight Sweatshirt, which is the perfect piece of gear to keep you dry and warm during cooler temps and light surf or rain. A great sweatshirt whether you are on the water or just lounging around the house and anything in between! 

INS Rock Graberz Boot StudsPerhaps one of the most important items in this guide, These studs are an important part of any surfcasters gear. Designed with a solid Carbide Tip, these studs will provide traction on even the slipperiest of rocks. Easy to install.

Shimano Bluewave Surf BagsComing in two different sizes, a 3 tube medium and a 4 tube large, these bags were designed with heavy-duty corrosion-resistant TPU zippers and heavy-duty denier rip-stop polyester fabric that can withstand any conditions you may find yourself in while surfcasting.


The Big One 

Van Staal PliersThese will be the last set of pliers any Surfcaster needs to buy. A true titanium plier, these will last a lifetime. Paired with replaceable Tungsten Anvil and cutters, Van Staal pliers are unmatched in both quality and toughness in the plier world. The 7 inch version is best suited for the surf.

VR75 Arrived Today!

Van Staal VR ReelLong anticipated, the 2021 Gen 2 VR Series by Van Staal has made some significant improvements on their Gen1 design. With a thicker spool shaft to minimize deflection when fighting big fish, Van Staal has lived up to their legendary name with another fully sealed reel. All reels have the option of being bailed or bail-less and come in both black and silver. Left handed anglers (right hand retrieve) also finally have an option in this series with the VR51, VR151, and VR201 all being true left handed spinning reels!


One Size Fits All

Saltwater Edge Gift Cards  –Still not sure what to get? Play it safe and get a gift card! They always fit! The recipient to either come visit our retail location as an off season adventure or browse our website and pick out EXACTLY what they need for their next surfcasting trip.

At the Saltwater Edge you can shop with confidence. Know that we will ship your order the same day and that returns are not a problem. 

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

The Saltwater Edge

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December 01, 2021

Cant wait for next season !
Happy with my new rock hopping set up, Team Daiwa Surf 10’6 and BG 5000 spinning reel you guys also spun it up with 40lb. power-pro Awesome…!
Look out Stripers …
Thanks, Saltwater Edge

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