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Saltwater Edge Zoom Events 2021

Saltwater Edge Zoom Events 2021

We have had to rethink our Events Calendar for 2021. No Striper Day or Surf Day, no Fly Shows, no Saltwater Show, no Knot Night, no Plug Night and no Fly Tying Nights...that sucks for sure.

Saltwater Edge Zoom Events

Thankfully we have Zoom as an option. We will be delivering some of the content we would have done at in-store events, shows and clubs. Thank you to the over 200 anglers who responded to our content survey and provided helpful insight to inform our planning. In response to that feedback our first Zoom event will be Reading the Water. 

Thursday night has been our regular night for "events" over the years. So we are sticking with that. Seminars start at 7:30.

Zoom Events Calendar

striper coast

Reading the Water - The best surf, fly and inshore anglers get that way by eliminating much of the ocean in front of them and spending more time fishing “better” water. This talk will help you understand how the topography, hard, and soft structure can provide clues to help you eliminate 98% of the ocean and fish where the fish are. 

1/28 @ 7:30 pm Reading the Water - Edges and Soft Structure

Register for Edges and Soft Structure in advance here

If you want to attend the session above and it is sold out please email and we will alert you when we determine the most effective alternative way to participate (likely YouTube Live). Thanks for your understanding as we try to create a quality experience for all.

2/4 @ 7:30 pm Reading the Water - Tides and Hard Structure

Register for Tides and Hard Structure in advance here


sight fishing striped bass

Sight Fishing Success - Sight fishing is one of the most challenging and exciting scenarios for the fly rodder. This talk focuses on the tackle and tactics used to catch saltwater gamefish in skinny water. This presentation is made up of parts of the content presented at the Orvis Advanced Saltwater School held in Newport, RI each June. 

2/11 Sight Fishing Success - Flats Structure and Fish Spotting

Register in advance for Sight Fishing Success - Flats Structure and Fish Spotting

2/25 Sight Fishing Success - Presentations and Refusals

Register in advance for Sight Fishing Success - Presentations and Refusals


estuary striper

Estuary Tackle and Tactics - In southern New England, holdover bass and the first migratory schoolies begin to get active in coastal waters around mid-April. We will discuss tackle and tactics to find and catch early-season bass and weakfish in estuaries.

3/11 Estuaries: Tackle and Tactics

Register in advance for Estuaries: Tackle and Tactics


Fly Rod When? - Some great surfcasters recognize there are times when stripers are picky, feeding inflow, or on bait that is small, and a fly rod may be a better tool than the surf rod. We will discuss those opportunities and cover the appropriate tackle and tactics and flies to catch stripers and other gamefish on the fly. 


 Fly Rod When?

False Albacore Tackle and Tactics


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Ed Stennie - February 16, 2021

Thank you for putting on this series. I sheltered last year because of medical concerns, my hope is to return this year. Your seminars remind me of why I love this sport.

joseph rapacilo - February 1, 2021

Would like to sign up for the zoom series

Vincent Bianco - February 1, 2021

would love to be at a zoom meeting for fishing want to salt water fly fish and learn more

Mark Twiss - February 1, 2021

Hi to all , will be participating. Hope all is well also say hi to Steve Cook

John - January 25, 2021

Would love to sign up for the zoom series

Yakanglr - January 25, 2021

Can you make the registration links clickable for the zoom meetings?

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