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Darters and Needle fish: To use or not to use

Paul and Mario politely debate between the effectiveness of two dynamite surf lures: Darters and Needlefish. 















 hey guys it's paul with the saltwater edge my favorite super strike to fish is the darter hey guys it's mario from saltwater edge and paul's wrong because the needlefish is better

on every trip i go on the first plug out of my bag is a darter and that's for a variety of reasons uh first and foremost it mimics squid really well which is a primary forage for the bass in our areas especially in the springtime um i don't bite into color too much uh dark knights i'll fish a dark plug bright knight selfish a bright plug but it doesn't matter if it's yellow or chartreuse or the silver ghost color it all works um the super the darters in particular are really good in current so anywhere there's a sweep on the shoreline in front of me just cast it out digging the plug with a few pranks to the reel and then just really slow as i possibly can with some subtle twitches in there so when it comes to the needlefish i think it's superior to the darter just because it can do that and more is the jack of all trades plug i can put this thing on the surface i can load it and practically dredge bottom um i can imitate a myriad of baits squid uh bunker uh peanut bunker herring everything you can think of pretty much um i can get a needle that's super heavy punch it out in wind it doesn't really matter the conditions if i need to switch it up to a smaller profile to punch through that wind then i can go with the needlefish bullet i can mimic some of the smaller baits with some of these smaller super strikes that we have as well um but pretty much i just think this can do it all and and you know maybe not everything well but it can do it all pretty good you can definitely see your point there with the darters in particular at least the ones i have in front of us it's really hard to fish anything deeper than 15 feet or so um round shallow boulder fields these things are awesome but if i'm fishing a really deep rip then it's definitely a little tough to get down there yeah i agree with that um current is the weakness for this thing but usually you can kind of uh negate that by making it heavier sometimes but at the end of the day it's not going to work as well as the darter i think this thing shines in particular in boulder fields that are shallow just because you can work it on top uh super fast um but you can also let it you can get a slow sinking needle fish and kind of just let it hover around you know that five to six foot mark where usually boulder fields sit in so um but yeah and going on your point with all the different profiles and sizes that's what i'm liking about darters nowadays is they come in a ton of different sizes you can get the giant ones by mike's you can go all the way down to the one ounce one by blonde terror and super strikes right in the middle at two and three eighths ounce is just perfect most rods can throw them from the nine footers up to the 11 footers and they they cut through wind relatively well i was same thing with the needlefish um i think there's just i mean just look at all the styles we have here we have some small some big some wad styles if you need to mimic baitster a little bit on the fatter side like tog bunker um like i really just think there's like nothing that you can't imitate even the full-size needle fish that are almost a foot long like i just think it just does it so well makes perfect sense yeah thanks for watching everyone i learned quite a bit about needle fish i hope you guys did as well let us know in the comments below if you like this type of conversation and what you'd like to hear us talk about next maybe next time i'll have a needle or two in my bag you can keep your darters

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