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Yo-Zuri Hydro Monster Shot

7 reviews
Size: 80mm (3 1/8") - 1oz
Color: Blue Silver

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A bait that replicates a hard-bait and a diamond jig at the same time, the Yo-Zuri Hydo Monster Shot is a great option coast to coast for anglers looking to pursuit a wide variety of gamefish. This bait casts similarly to a diamond jig due to its density and compact profile, but has many hard bait qualities that improve the bait greatly than the standard jig, like its finish and swimming action.

Its action with slack line is really what drives this bait, falling with a tight side to side wobble that mimics a dying baitfish. Its chrome sides assist with its attractiveness, sending off flashes of light with every wobble that draws in predators near and far.

The versatility of this jig is that it can be skipped on the surface, dropped to a more mid water column and retrieved like a swimmer, or jigged off the bottom. Whether it be small peanut bunker, small herring, glass minnows, sardines or any other small & thin profiled baits, the Yo-Zuri Hydo Monster Shot is a winner.