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Van Staal VS & VSX Series Spare Spool Assemblies

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Size: VS200 Spool - Black

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Spare spools for VS & VSX reels.Whether it be for the VS or the VSX, a spare spool can be utilized to change out between different lines. It also works perfectly as a backup spool of line if you are set off to a remote destination where a refill of line may not be readily accessible.


  • Spools are designed to fit a Designated Size of Reel
    • i.e. a 100 sized spool fits on 100 sized reel, a 150 sized spool does notfit on a 100 sized reel
  • 100 & 150 sized Spools fit Interchangeably Between all VS/VSX Reels
  • 200-300 Sized Spools do notfit Interchangeably Between VS and VSX Reels
  • 200-275 VSX Spool fit VSX Reels Only
  • 200-300 VS Spools fit VS Reels Only
  • The colors depicted in pictures may not be 100% accurate. Silver and black should closely match to just about any reel, while different shades of gold do exist.