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Van Staal VR Series Spinning Reels

Van Staal VR Spinning Reels are the latest innovation from Van Staal, the leader in sealed reels. The VR-Series is fully sealed and fully submersible, like their proven predecessor, the X-Series. They are forged and machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, with a solid stainless steel center shaft and titanium nitride coating. These reels have a powerful, waterproof drag system with MicroClick™ tuning accuracy and a lightweight design, due to the cut outs in the body, rotor and spool. Another innovation with the VR Series is the easy conversion from a bailed reel (packaged this way), to a bail-less reel, using the tool, parts and instructions included.

The VR is often chosen by fishermen who want all the features of the VSX with the option to switch between a bailed reel and bail-less. They've also been popular with surfcasters looking to save a few ounces and build the lightest rig possible as most models are even lighter then the already light VSX bailed reels.

Looking for spare spools? We've got them.

Note - The Van Staal VR50 will not come with a kit to convert to bail-less.

VR50 300 yds. / 20 lb 6.8:1 8.9 oz 37" / Turn 25 lbs
VR125 340 yds. / 10 lb. 400 yds. / 20 lb. 4.8:1 15.8 oz. 31.6" / Turn 42 lbs
VR150 360 yds. / 12 lb. 440 yds. / 30 lb. 4.8:1 16.0 oz. 34.2" / Turn 42 lbs
VR175 360 yds. / 15 lb. 530 yds. / 30 lb. 4.8:1 16.5 oz. 37.6" / Turn 42 lbs
VR200 400 yds. / 15 lb. 500 yds. / 40 lb. 4.8:1 17.0 oz. 40.4" / Turn 42 lbs