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Van Staal Plier Replacement Cutters and Anvils

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Select Cutter or Anvil Size: 6" anvil

Replacing your Van Staal Cutter and/or Anvil is something you'll eventually need to do if you cut enough line and wire over the years.

Often you can get away with just doing the cutter (the sharp part) but best policy, especially if you cut a lot of wire or think it may be damaged, is to also replace the anvil (the flat part the cutter comes down on) as well. While it can look fine it can often have damage that's tough to see.

When installing new a new cutter or anvil, lightly snug them into the place. Then, squeeze your pliers tightly and finish tightening the screws down. This will assure proper alignment and like-new cutting of braid. If they aren't cutting through braid like butter after installation, give it another shot. If that still doesn't solve the problem and you didn't replace the anvil, you might need to replace that too.

Be sure to choose the appropriate size for your plier. Chat or call us if you are not sure what you have. Once you install them we can not offer a refund as they are by default used.

  • Current model 7" Titanium Pliers take 7" cutters and anvils
  • Current model 6" Titanium Pliers take 6" cutters and anvils
  • OLD Stainless 6.5" pliers take 6" cutters and anvils
  • OLD Aluminum VS pliers take 7" cutters and anvils
  • If you are not sure what pliers you have, send us a photo and we will identify them for you.
  • If your pliers look like the plier below, you have 6.5" stainless pliers which use the 6" cutter and anvil.
  • 6" Cutter and Anvils require a #8 TORX Bit
  • 7" Cutter and Anvils require a #15 TORX Bit

Still have questions? Press the chat button and we'll get you sorted.