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Tsunami Slim Wave Slow Pitch Casting Rods

Rod Model

Tsunami Slimwave Slow Pitch Casting Rods are unique in that they are constructed of a solid nano-carbon blank. Traditional graphite rods are wrapped and are therefore hollow, this innovative construction technique makes the solid Slimwave 30% stronger.

Another benefit is remarkable tip strength there is virtually no fear of breakage boat side due to "high sticking." Slimwave delivers great fighting fish strength in a lightweight and powerful package. Tsunami has outfitted these rods with Fuji O guides that are designed for fishing braid, custom EVA fore and rear grips and a Fuji graphite reel seat.


 Rod Model Length Braid Lure Weight Power Action
SWSPC641-MH 6'4" 10-25lb 1/2oz - 2-1/2oz Medium/Heavy Moderate
SWSPC661-H 6'6" 15-40lb 2oz - 6oz Heavy Moderate
SWSPC701-H 7' 15-40lb 2oz - 6oz Heavy Moderate