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Sunline FC100 System Leader Fluorocarbon Line

2 reviews
Pound Test: 30lb
Length: 110yd

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Featuring a triple resin processing, the Sunline FC100 System Leader Fluorocarbon Lineis built as a true leader line for medium to heavy-duty uses. As expected from any fluorocarbon leader line, it has a focus on hardness and the ruggedness to withstand the abrasion and sharp teeth so you can get that fish in the boat more successfully. This line also has a unique degree of suppleness which is designed for suppleness which will result in minimal interference in lure/bait movement. Finishing it off, Sunline's non-stress spooling process minimizes memory and avoids flattening of the line.

FC100 has been used for years in the Japanese market and remains one of the top saltwater fluorocarbon leader lines in use. It truly is more of a "shock leader", with very thin diameters, good stretch aspects, and high abrasion resistance. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to maximize knot strength, durability, abrasion resistance, suppleness, etc. to the fullest extremes, but Sunline has made the perfect formula and combination of qualities that makes this leader line one of if not the top options on the market.