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SpiderWire Durabraid Braided Fishing Line - 300yd

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Pound Test and Length: 30#
Color: Moss Green

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Built and designed to be 25% tougher than other leading braided lines, SpiderWire Durabraid is one of if not the toughest braided lines on the market. It is designed to be fished around cover, such as rocks, docks, heavy vegetation, timber and other debris. Knot strength and shock absorbency were also key elements for SpiderWire's design team, and it was certainly attained with DuraBraid.

Braid Strength Mono Line Equivalency Diameter (in - mm)
20lb 8lb 0.009in - 0.23mm
30lb 10lb 0.011in - 0.28mm
40lb N/A N/A
50lb 14lb 0.014in - 0.36mm
65lb 17lb 0.016in - 0.41mm