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Solarez UV-Cure Fly-Tie Resin

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Our favorite UV-cure resin for fly tying.  Use it to create heads with eyes, build bodies on surf candies, epoxy sandeels, etc...

The "Thin-Hard" version is approximately the same viscosity as 10 wt. motor oil. It is easy to apply a thin, glossy clear finish. 

The "F-L-E-X" version is great for all kinds of flies, it is especially valuable for anglers who fish around structure as it is less likely to crack or brake after an accidental encounter with a rock or jetty. It can also be used to repair waders or coat knots. *Tying note, this resin requires slightly more irradiation than other resins to fully cure, give it some extra time under your UV light*. 

The "Thick-Hard" is very viscous and is excellent for building up body and creating heads and eyes. 

Each bottle is 0.5oz and comes with a fine tip applicator.