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Shimano Vanford Spinning Reels

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Model: VF4000XGF

Building off of the Stradic CI4+ the Vanford series redefines a light reel capable of inshore use. Lighter than the Exsence, these reels are capable of drop shot and trout as well as defeating albies and striped bass.

As usual with Shimano, the Vanford Spinning Reels are a feature-rich freshwater and inshore reel that utilizes many of Shimano's latest technologies available for 2020.

It is constructed using Shimano's CI4+ material, giving this reel lightweight but rigid and durable construction. Its MGL rotor is one of the bigger advancements for this reel, requiring significantly less start-up inertia when turning the handle and ultimately making this reel a very responsive feel. Its long stroke spool provides for less friction in the cast, ultimately assisting with distance, which often can result in more bites.

At its core, the Vanford utilizes Hagane Gearing, a cold foraged gear system for durability, and Micro Module II Gearing for the ideal gear teeth that perfectly mesh together for that silky smooth feeling that you expect from Shimano. In the 3000 Vanford Model and up, a cross carbon drag is utilized to withstand powerful runs and high drag pressures, making this reel work perfectly well for both the fresh and saltwater environments.

MGL Rotor: Assists with reducing the weight of the rotor by 48% compared to the standard design. It further lightens the overall weight of the reel but also reduces the start-up and stop inertia required to turn the handle, making the retrieve lighter and smoother.

Hagane Gearing: A cold foraged gear set for the heart of reel, assisting with gear durability, longevity, strength, and smoothness.

Silent Drive: Implemented to eliminate any looseness, gaps, and vibrations between components in the drive section as well as others. This provides for tighter tolerances, less play, more comfort, and a quieter if not silent reel.

Micro Module II Gearing: The most advanced gear technology Shimano has done to date. Its Shimano's pursuit at the ideal shape of each gear tooth, which ultimately provides for less gear noise and improves smoothness.

Long Stroke Spool: Allows for better line flow off the reel when casting and ultimately increases casting distance. With a taller spool, friction is reduced as the line has fewer movements up and down, providing that extra distance when you may need it.

Drag Washer Selection: Vanford 1000 utilizes one felt drag washer, Vanford 2500 utilizes three felt drag washers, and Vanford 3000-5000 utilizes three high-grade cross carbon fiber washers to handle increased drag pressures and wear.

G Free Body:Designed to shift the center of gravity of the reel to be closer to the rod. This puts the center of gravity closer to the angler's hand, thus reducing fatigue and enhancing casting distance.