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Shimano Ocean Bomb Dip 170F Flashboost

Color: 3oz- Anchovy


The Shimano Bomb Dip 170F FLASH BOOST is engineered to withstand the explosive strikes of both offshore and nearshore game fish. This dynamic and user-friendly topwater lure incorporates Shimano’s FLASH BOOST technologies, enhancing performance when targeting tuna and other aggressive pelagics. The Bomb Dip 170F FB features a unique cupped-face design and Shimano’s patented Bubble Chamber technology, creating a loud splash and bubble trail that attracts predators even in choppy waters.

Shimano's FLASH BOOST technology suspends foil on small springs inside the lure's body, emitting an enticing flash during retrieval and mimicking a wounded baitfish on the pause. With JET BOOST technology, anglers benefit from increased casting distance and accuracy, thanks to a weight-transfer system that harnesses the cast's kinetic energy. SCALE BOOST technology enhances the lure's lifelike appearance, using multi-pitch holograms to reflect light in multiple directions. Equipped with two ultra-sharp treble hooks for added durability, the Bomb Dip 170F FB is ready for any game fish encounter. Boost your confidence and versatility offshore by tying on a Bomb Dip 170FB and prepare for the explosive action.