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Shimano Ocea Jigger Star Drag Conventional Reels

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Shimano's Ocea Jigger Conventional Reels are built for the bottom fishing/jigging enthusiast looking for one of the most seriously refined conventional reels on the market.  At its core, Shimano incorporated its proprietary technologies of Hagane Body, Micro Module Gearing, and Infinity Drive to give it this unparalleled performance.  Shimano's X-Protect and E.I. Coating were implemented to preserve the life of the reel and provide an out-of-the-box smoothness and ease of rotation for the long run. The handle on the Ocea Jigger is also adjustable in two positions, allowing the angler to choose whether they want more speed or power when retrieving.   

  • Hagane Body-A reel body made with high rigidity in order to reduce and eliminate flex, warp, and distortion while also providing for smooth reeling and little power loss
  • Micro Module Gearing- Gearing refined to the utmost limits which enables seamless engagement and power transmission with smooth reel turning consistency 
  • Infinity Drive- Improvements with the winding experience with advancements of the new main shaft supporting structure to eliminate friction with the pinion gear
  • X-Protect- Combining both water repellant coatings along with a water channeling labyrinth construction, it allows for smooth operation of the reel while also promoting high level water resistance   
  • E.I. Coating-Shimano's proprietary coating utilized in addition to the anodization of the reel.  This coating eliminates any surface impurities in order to prevent any hideout space for salt to remain on the reel.  This coating doubles the corrosion resistance on the reel.